El Dorado Irrigation District Director Greg Prada claims that EID’s agricultural water rates violate the law. Last year, he presented his arguments publicly at an EID Board meeting. Within weeks after that, his supporter Darwin Throne initiated what’s now become a lawsuit against EID on the very same legal theories. Coincidence?

I’m an EID ratepayer, and I wanted to find out. I requested public records from Prada’s private email account to see if Prada orchestrated Throne’s lawsuit. Prada stonewalled my first requests. Eventually, he swore in writing that he’d deleted all such emails.

A Grand Jury condemned Prada’s behavior and recommended that the EID Board censure him – which it did. But that can’t bring back Prada’s missing emails.

EID has spent $50,000 of ratepayer (our) money defending the lawsuit so far, and it will probably cost at least $200,000 more before it’s over. EID should win, but there are no guarantees in court. And if Throne wins, EID (we) will be on the hook for millions, plus Throne’s attorneys’ fees.

Four out of five EID Board members voted to fight this lawsuit: everyone but “ratepayer advocate” Greg Prada.

Now, Greg Prada want to be re-elected! I support his opponent, Pat Dwyer. Pat is a breath of fresh air, and he wants to earn your support. Go topatdwyer4eid to learn more about him, and please vote in November.


Placerville, Retired EID General Counsel

EID and the lawsuit

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