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Public Service

  • El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce
  • Kevin Kiley, State Assemblyman
  • Brian Veerkamp, Supervisor EDC
  • Jack Sweeney, Supervisor -Retired EDC
  • Mike Ranalli, Supervisor EDC
  • Bob Dorr, Former Supervisor EDC
  • Bryan Ransdell, Firefighter DSED FPD
  • John Hidahl, Fire Safe Council – Founding Board Member
  • George Wheeldon, Professor, Former EID Board Member
  • El Dorado Winery Association
  • Frank Ford, DNC
  • Dave Pratt, El Dorado County Farm Bureau


  • Placerville Fruit Growers Association
  • Greg Boeger, Owner Boeger Winery
  • Ann Wofford, Owner Wofford Winery
  • Charlie Jones, Owner Lava Cap Winery
  • Maryanne Argyres, Apple Grower
  • Carolyn Mansfield, Owner Goldbug Farms
  • Ron Mansfield, Owner Goldbug Farms
  • Mike Beals, Owner Beals Orchard
  • Gael Barsotti, Owner Barsotti Juice
  • David Girard, Owner Girard Vineyards
  • Tom Sinton, Owner Starfield Vineyards
  • Lloyd Walker, Owner Walker Vineyards
  • Doug Leisz, Owner Arrastra Vineyards
  • Bob Scharpf, Owner Quartz Hill Vineyards
  • Margot Scharpf, Owner Quartz Hill Vineyards
  • Lynn Akin, Akin Vineyards
  • Ron Sbragia, Orchard Owner
  • Nemorio DeCasas, Owner Los Lomas Vineyard
  • Irene DeCasas, Owner Los Lomas Vineyard
  • Peter Hacker, Owner Stonehouse Vineyard
  • Kurt Raffetto, Walnut Grower
  • Ed Goltz, Owner Goltz Vineyards
  • Sandhya Yerramilli, Vineyard Owner
  • Randall Rapetti, Rapetti Farms
  • Evelyn Abel, Owner Abel’s Apples Acres
  • Tom Heflin, Owner Rainbow Orchards
  • Christine Noonan, Owner Delfino Vineyards
  • Christa Campbell, Owner Rainbow Orchards
  • Michael Delfino, Owner Delfino Vineyards
  • Chris Delfino, Owner Delfino Vineyards
  • Cathryn Morgan, Owner Carson Ridge Evergreens
  • Linda Cardanini, Owner Vineyard
  • Kirk Taylor, Owner Smokey Ridge Ranch
  • David Bush, Owner Suma Kaw Vineyards
  • Paul Bush,  Farmer
  • Maggie Bush, Farmer
  • Jerry Visman, Business Owner High Hill Ranch
  • John Caswell, Farmer
  • Brynna Dacus, Owner Gold Hill Vineyards
  • Ray Larsen, Apple Grower
  • Steve Grace, Owner Grace Patriot
  • Chris Hoover, Owner Hooverville Orchards
  • Bob Witters, Owner Crystal Springs Vineyard
  • Leanne Davis, Owner Villa Romano
  • Mark Visman, Farmer
  • Randy Hansen, Orchard Owner
  • Indian Rock Tree Farm


  • Ron Thompson, Owner Thompsons Toyota
  • Ellen Day, Pride Realty
  • Tom Cumpston, Retired EID General Counsel
  • Jan DeZonia, Retired Computer Services
  • Larry DeZonia, Retired Computer Services
  • Mike Thomas, Real Estate Broker
  • Ellen Day, Business Owner Pride Realty
  • Russ Warden, Business Owner
  • Charles Stephens, Owner Randolph’s Jewelers
  • Jan DeZonia, Retired Computer Services
  • Larry Dezonia, Retired Computer Services
  • Melissa Anderson, Business Owner
  • Greg Schellhase, Senior Manager McClellan
  • Jim Barone, former Director, Sacramento Air Logistics Center
  • Mark McClone, Engineer
  • Brian Keating, Attorney
  • Jeff Pecota, Builder
  • David Bolster, Realtor
  • Kenneth Futernick, Consultant Education
  • Mike McGee, Farmer
  • Frank Ford, Consultant
  • Bill Borggess, Pilot
  • Doug Veerkamp, Owner Veerkamp Engineering
  • Terrie Prod’hon, Terrie Y. Prod’hon CPA
  • Jim Carter, Carter-Kelly, Inc.
  • Gordon Vicini, Joe Vicini, Inc.
  • Ray Presgrave, Presgrave Enterprises, Inc.
  • Vickie Christensen, Wellman Works, Ltd


  • Nancy Cramer, Retired
  • Stephen Ferry, Citizen
  • Joe Keating, Engineer
  • Tim Akin, Airline Pilot
  • Danno Raffetto, Owner Raffetto Enterprises
  • Harry Norris, Retired
  • Mike Anderson, Retired CFO DOD
  • Bill George, Retired
  • Linda Dwyer, Citizen
  • Kris Kiehne, Retired
  • Merv de Haas, Retired Water Agency Executive
  • Andy Nevis, Citizen
  • Jamie McClone, Citizen
  • Sheila Bush, Citizen
  • Richard Bush, Retired
  • Leslie Bush, Retired
  • Angelo Cardanini, Retired
  • Joan Cardanini, Retired
  • Bill Snodgrass, Retired Ag Commissioner
  • Gary Cramer, Retired
  • Carolyn Davis, Retired
  • Jim Davis, Retired Law Enforcement
  • John Ross, Retired Pacific Bell
  • Matt Colvin, Portfolio Manager
  • Judy Morris, Citizen
  • David Zelinski, Citizen
  • Ed Mathews, Citizen
  • Katy Peek, Citizen
  • Ray Pingle, Citizen
  • Perry McLain, Citizen

*Please check back daily as we continue to add more supporters

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Press Release EDC Farm Bureau Endorsement of Pat Dwyer


The El Dorado County Farm Bureau Board of Directors interviewed and reviewed candidates’ qualifications for the El Dorado Irrigation District Division 2 Board of Directors open seat and voted to endorse Pat Dwyer.
“Pat Dwyer believes in creating consensus by bringing people together to achieve a common goal. He is committed to supporting agriculture by making water available at affordable rates.” said Farm Bureau President, Dave Pratt.
The Bureau trusts that Pat will listen to the concerns of agriculturists and others to understand the impact on all district customers of the financial and operational decisions that will be made.
“Agriculture is the backbone of El Dorado County’s economy due to agri-tourism, our wine industry and the “Farm to Fork” movement. These activities bring revenue into the economy, but hold the developers at bay while creating the landscape that contributes to our quality of life,” noted Pat. “Pat Dwyer has been a major figure in helping us protect our homes from wildfire by serving on the El Dorado County Fire Safe Board. He has worked as a volunteer tirelessly, with the Resource Conservation District and other agencies to procure funds used to stop wildfire from destroying homes as they have done in Sonoma and Shasta counties. I believe Pat will be a valuable addition to the EID board of directors,” said Jim Davies, Forester and Farm Bureau Board Member.
The El Dorado County Farm Bureau works to promote and protect farmers, ranchers, and foresters, and our rural way of life on behalf of the 1200 member families county-wide.
Contact: Dave Pratt, President
El Dorado County Farm Bureau
2460 Headington Rd
Placerville, CA 95667

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